Honorary degrees: The 2014 recipients

From best-selling authors to a member of the presidential cabinet, this year’s honorary degree recipients share something special — a common history of study at Brown. The honorees, who will be granted their degrees at Sunday’s Commencement ceremony, come from a diverse range of fields and include executives, scientists and educators. U.S. Secretary of Labor […]

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Senior Orators: Caroline Bologna ’14 and Josh Block ’14

Caroline Bologna ’14 and Josh Block ’14 — both tour guides who expressed passion for that which makes Brown special — will serve as the class of 2014’s student commencement speakers. Nominated by fellow seniors in January to vie for the two speaker slots, about 100 students submitted writing samples for consideration. Bologna and Block […]

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Newlon ’14: My one regret

On my first day of college, I cried for 15 minutes in the basement of the Sharpe Refectory. I wasn’t sure what I was crying about, exactly, but I was overwhelmed with a sense of impenetrable dread. As I swiped my way back into Keeney Quadrangle and stared at my roommate’s sleeping back, I knew: […]

Tennis ’14: Cultivating student activism

I’ll begin with a cliche: Your experience at Brown is defined by so much more than your classes and your academic coursework. Furthermore, the other aspects of Brown that make it a wonderful and unique school do not complete the definition of your experience. Instead, you may learn the most from the aspects of Brown […]

Moraff ’14: Collaborating with scumsuckers

Collaboration has come a long way. Not too long ago, it was a dirty word. A collaborator was the lowest of the low. Collaborators would sell out their friends and neighbors for a quick buck. Collaborators cozied up to the biggest bully around to save their own collaborative skin. Not anymore. Collaboration is the name […]